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What does a 99% reduction in capital costs mean for the Internet? How will offering the same services with 1% of the electricity used previously affect the industry? What does this mean for the companies that have invested billions in server farms? Ersun Warncke, « The Future of the Internet »

Who Knows Better?

Since its first release in June 2009, G-WAN is the undisputed technical leader of a well-financed (20 years old) market.
Maybe this is why our customer base is so loyal since 1998.

So, to select a partner able to help you secure and scale while:

  • leveraging your infrastructure,
  • building value with advices and support,
  • achieving high-quality custom developments,

...where else should you go?   Get in touch with us to evaluate the benefits of working with the G-WAN development team!

Our annual subscriptions grant access to (non-public) development releases, previews of future features and privileged information about the G-WAN internals – directly from the G-WAN development team!

No "wait until Monday" or "this issue has been escalated": the ones supporting you are the ones writting G-WAN's code.
No per-site nor per-CPU fee: one single 'Enterprise' subscription covers all your staff and websites worldwide.

Not ready to subscribe? G-WAN users can exchange tips and code examples on Stackoverflow.