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Software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster. Wirth's Law


How about installing an application server in less than 10 seconds?

To download, install (and optimally configure) G-WAN:

 tar -xjf gwan_linux64-bit.tar.bz2; cd gwan_linux64-bit
 sudo ./gwan                       (./gwan -h for help)

Then, type http://localhost:8080/ in your browser to play with the provided gwan/.../csp examples, such as:

  • AJAX forms (contact, loan, etc.) and COMET (stock quotes streaming)
  • Realtime Bandwidth Shaping (see the throttle.c example)
  • Caching (using G-WAN's wait-free integrated cache)
  • G-WAN wait-free Key-Value store, SQLite, Tokyo Cabinet (all benchmarked)
  • Web beacon (1x1 transparent pixel served at the speed of light say users)
  • JSON (serialization and de-serialization, benchmarked)
  • Chaptchas (easy for humans, hard for machines)
  • Charts (area, bar, dot, line, pie, ring - using various styles)
  • 24-bit anti-aliased images (frame buffers, PNG, PS, PDF, SVG, OpenGL)
  • GIF fractals (ultra-fast in-memory GIF I/O)
  • Currency conversions (using the European Central Bank rates)
  • Data URIs (inlining images in HTML replies)
  • HTTP headers (custom, without, automatically generated)
  • HTML validation/clean-up (using the Tidy library)
  • Redirections (conditional or static)
  • Crash reports (caught in libc, C scripts and G-WAN calls)
  • Server report (formatted in ASCII or HTML)

The manual documents server usage, basic and advanced functions and features like G-WAN handlers (which require 10 to 20x less code than Apache, Lighttpd or Nginx modules).

Upgrade: (a) overwrite your ./include, ./libraries files and the gwan executable with the new files and then (b) run G-WAN once without -d (daemon mode) to make sure that the maintenance, servlet and handler scripts compile.


The G-WAN development log is available here. You can also reach the relevant entry by clicking on a release date tag (top-right corner of this page).

Questions & Answers

The API and Frequently Asked Questions are worth considering first.

Stackoverflow lists many more examples and will let you search for replies to common questions.

G-WAN works best on Linux distributions like Debian or CentOS, both of which offer 'Desktop' and 'Server' flavors.

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G-WAN (with 50+ script examples)
G-WAN 64-bit   (~800 KB)

User's Manual
For humans   (38-page PDF)

Presentation (Why & How)
Slide-Show   (35 Slides)
Why G-WAN was created   (3-page PDF)

A G-WAN user has generously donated a bash script to automatically install the 15 language runtimes on Debian, LinuxMint, CentOS, Fedora, RedHat, Manjaro, Arch Linux and Bridge. The installation menu is available in English, German, French and Spanish!

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G-WAN v1.0.4 – Discontinued.

Linux was found to be much faster. After years of development this gap is surely larger now because Unix leaves more room for developers to innovate.

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