It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. Mark Twain

To Upgrade G-WAN: (a) overwrite your ./include files and the gwan executable with archive files and then (b) run G-WAN once without -d (daemon mode) to make sure that all your servlets and handlers compile without modifications.

G-WAN Linux/Win32 features now on par


Notes regarding G-WAN v1.0.5/Linux: Development Release

  • C scripts SIGSEGV/SIGFPE no longer stop G-WAN -they log a crash dump
  • tuned the 'Lorenz waterwheel'/Linux (giving more scalability).

To come soon: connection handlers, a maintenance script, and library examples.

G-WAN/Linux publicly released!


G-WAN is MUCH faster on Linux than on Windows.

Notes regarding G-WAN v1.0.5/Linux: Development Release

  • C scripts SIGSEGV and SIGFPE not (yet) blocked -this is a bit tricky
    (note to "schmorp": the goal is to produce graceful crash reports for running sripts without stopping the server)
  • timeouts are not fully tested -but they work at least for trivial tests
  • far-too-slow and idle-for-too-long connections are properly closed.

Notes regarding G-WAN v1.0.5 on Windows: Development Release

  • added the -b command-line switch: no DoS shield (for benchmarks)
  • a bit of code-cleaning took place (thanks Linux), more to come soon.

Next step: Solaris. After that, G-WAN's serious features will be implemented.

Minor Update


G-WAN v1.0.4/Windows: Production Release

  • removed more branching, resulting in more speed (yes, again)
  • fixed duplicate timeouts on Windows Server 2003/2008 platforms
  • helped to save Windows from itself with long-lasting TCP connections

G-WAN is faster and faster – despite more features!

Denial of Service Shield


G-WAN v1.0.3/Windows: Development Release

  • enhanced the 'Lorenz waterwheel' (even more speed & scalability)
  • removed more branching, resulting in even more speed than before
  • implemented an 'anti-flooding' check, protecting system resources
  • finally found how to make timeouts work with IO completion ports
  • (now idle and [much too] slow connections are cut when needed).

Keep tuned!

One Month and half


G-WAN v1.0.2/Windows: Development Release

  • implemented a 'Lorenz waterwheel'-inspired logic for scalability & speed
  • added support for real-time cache updates -without speed penalty
  • (no more G-WAN stop/restart to reload updated docs/servlets)
  • added support for the If-Not-Match header field (ETag's companion)
  • different log files are created for each new day, keeping files smaller
  • local time offsets in the access.log file time-stamps use daylight savings
  • too short requests trigger 400:Bad Request rather than 404:Not Found
  • restored support for absolute URIs (disabled by too stringent checks).

Thank you for your feedback!

First Week


G-WAN v1.0.1/Windows: Development Release

  • added the missing 'errors.css' file to the /www/imgs sub-folder
  • added support for the (requested) response headers' ETag field
  • fixed a couple of gwan/access/error log files format glitches;

More to come soon!